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NewMe Packages

Navigating the realm of skincare can feel overwhelming, and we completely understand that. Your skincare journey begins here with Rani B. For all new in-person clients, we require a preliminary consultation and treatment before considering additional services at NewMe. This initial step enables us to comprehensively evaluate your skin, understand your specific concerns, and establish achievable goals tailored to your unique needs. If it has been over a year since your last visit, we kindly request that you schedule a consultation before rebooking any services. This ensures that Rani B can craft the most effective and personalized treatment plan for your evolving needs. Collaborating with us goes beyond a one-time service; we believe in achieving optimal skin health through an ongoing partnership. We are committed to her craft and seeks clients who share her enthusiasm for investing in a skincare plan right from the start. Please come prepared to discuss your medical history and current medications. At NewMe, we emphasize the significance of a tailored homecare regimen for maintaining healthy skin. Be ready to transition your current products to those specifically curated for you. Rest assured that Rani B only works with the highest-quality products, ensuring that our recommendations will deliver the best results, and giving you the radiant skin, you deserve. Our packages will help with consistency during your skincare journey and will be able to make it easy and affordable for you in the long haul. Now let's reach your goals with MAJOR changes, at MINIMAL costs!


Come Make-up Free

Dress comfortable with

a clean face


No Exfoliation

Also, no retinol 3-5 days before


Know your Products

Know what your current products are to discuss

with esthi


Ask All the Questions

Be as open as you can

with your esthi to get to

your skincare goals

How to Skin Prep for Your Consultation

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