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Luxe Facial


Luxuriously, luxe

The Luxe Facial is for those looking to improve their skin as well as their overall stress and wellbeing. Using luxurious products from Sorella Apothecary, this facial incorporates aromatherapy and advanced facial massage techniques. A double cleanse to clear the skin of impurities, followed by light exfoliation, a targeted mask, and nutritious skincare products to hydrate and plump the skin. Those seeking a facial intended for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, see our Clinical Facial.

How to Skin Prep for Your Consultation


Come Make-up Free

Dress comfortable with

a clean face


No Exfoliation

Also, no retinol 3-5 days before


Know your Products

Know what your current products are to discuss

with esthi


Ask All the Questions

Be as open as you can

with your esthi to get to

your skincare goals

Did you say add-ons?

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Hello to skin that's never felt so smooth! Achieving even skin tone and texture can be a wonderful feeling. Using a gentle blade to remove dead skin and wispy facial hair is a popular method to reveal smoother and more radiant skin. This will be with any facial or BioRePeel.

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