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Rani Bhakta, LE

Founder and Owner

Licensed Aesthetician

Professional Laser Technician

I have always had a passion for beauty, science, and the body. Throughout college, I experienced a fulfilling need I had for helping others. In the early years of college, my body was changing, I was all of a sudden noticing new lines and breakouts, new hairs and bumps! I began researching aesthetics and fell in love fast, the idea of helping others like me with our changing bodies was a dream come true. I wanted to help others understand the way their skin works and how external & internal changes can impact our skin. Even though we say we are done “growing,” our bodies are constantly going through changes, and these changes affect the health of our skin and body.


I realized that so many people have skin conditions and changes that they feel defeated or insecure over, and I wanted to help them!


To guide you on your journey to healthy clear skin and to gain your confidence back with the knowledge of how to take care of your skin!​


It is my promise to provide you with exceptional customer service, listen to your needs and go the extra mile to address your concerns with the utmost professionalism and care!

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