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The significance of maintaining optimal skin health extends beyond mere aesthetics; it intricately intertwines with our mental, physical, and emotional well-being, playing a pivotal role in our overall health and wellness. At NewMe, our commitment transcends skincare; it embodies a dedication to the profound impact that healthy skin can have on an individual's holistic experience. We strive to be more than a skincare destination; we aspire to be a sanctuary that heals, soothes, and empowers every individual who entrusts us with their skincare journey. As each face walks through our doors, we embark on a mission to not only enhance their outer radiance but also to nurture a sense of inner well-being, fostering a harmonious connection between skin health and overall vitality.

About Rani Bhakta, LE


I have always harbored a deep fascination for beauty, science, and the intricacies of the human body. During my college years, I discovered a profound fulfillment in assisting others. In the early stages of my academic journey, I underwent noticeable changes in my own body – new lines, breakouts, and the emergence of unfamiliar hairs and bumps captured my attention. It was during this period that I delved into the realm of aesthetics, quickly falling in love with the prospect of aiding others experiencing similar transformations. The notion of guiding individuals through the changes in their bodies, demystifying the workings of their skin, and elucidating the impact of both external and internal factors became a dream realized. Despite proclaiming the end of our growth, our bodies perpetually undergo alterations, intricately influencing the health of our skin and overall well-being. Recognizing that many people grapple with skin conditions and changes that evoke feelings of defeat and insecurity, I felt compelled to extend my assistance. My goal is to accompany you on your journey to achieve healthy, clear skin and to restore your confidence by imparting knowledge on effective skincare practices. I wholeheartedly commit to providing exceptional customer service, attentively listening to your needs, and going the extra mile to address your concerns with the utmost professionalism and care.


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